Sunday, February 13, 2011

Achieving Goals...

When Jake, Francis, and I went to Louisville with our team manager, Rose, for the Bluegrass Boondoggle, Jake was determined to do whatever it would take to win a pair of shiny, new Chukkers.

After the tournament ended (all-Missouri final in the dark), we all gathered at Mag Bar for the after party. After a short, raucous award ceremony, the Chukkers were all that remained to be given out. The Louisville guys announced that the wheelset would go to the victor of a small drinking competition. They announced that "the first person to chug a pitcher of beer would be the proud owner of the wheels."

Jake bolted from his spot next to me against the wall, put his hand in the air, and yelled "One pitcher of beer please" as he stormed towards the bar.

A few other people purchased pitchers of Falls City beer, and the challenge was set.

The contestants took their spot and someone yelled, "GO!" Jake's first gulp of not-that-cheap-beer put him ounces ahead of the competition. I stood behind Jake as a surrogate coach and motivational cheerleader.

Jake was at the bottom of his pitcher before everyone else reached the midpoint of their beers. Honestly, it was a slaughter. But that's what happens when Jake sets a goal for himself and anyone tries to get in his way.

One pitcher of beer chugged in 38 seconds.

Jake - 1 Pitcher of Beer - 0

(Jake is in the bottom-right corner of this video)

Chukker Chugger from alex angus on Vimeo.