Thursday, June 30, 2011

Missouri vs. NYC

Lee, Charlie, and Tim D. play three dudes from NYC at the 9th Midwests. This video is full of highlights. I've time-stamped some of my favorite moments:

At 7:52, I yell to Charlie that Tim is alone in the high tides. Charlie hears me and sends a perfect pass to Tim. Tim buries a perfectly placed shot. (1-0 good guys)

At 9:52, Zach give Lee a stiff check, and Lee turns around and says, "You know that's coming back to you...I guarantee it." The Legend of Lee grows.

At 14:08, I guide verbally guide Charlie through the defense and instruct him to shoot. He obeys my commands and is rewarded with a goal. (2-1 good guys)

At 15:08, Zach is dribbling the ball up the rink. Lee catches up to him and says, "Here it comes." Zach flinches.

At 16:32, I shower the NYC team with a shout of "Stay in your region" as they leave the rink in defeat.

Watch and enjoy!

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