Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mountain Biker...Ski Slope...135 mph

Eric “The Red Baron” Barone, a high-speed mountain bike specialist from France, shot like a rocket down a steep slope at the Les Arcs ski resort in France on Monday, setting a world record for speed on a serial production mountain bike on snow at 135 mph.
The video below, a teaser to a full-length documentary to be broadcast in France, gives you an idea just how fast he was going. A video of the record-breaking run can be found at the bottom. Make sure your volume is turned up.

Barone, 52, broke the previous world record for speed on a serial production mountain bike of 130 mph. And though he fell 3 mph short of his world record for speed on a mountain bike prototype (the overall record, 138 mph, in 2000), the ending was far better than the one he experienced in 2002 when he 

set the world record for speed on gravel. He traveled a world-record 107 mph at Cerro Negro Volcano in Nicaragua and at the end of his run, he experienced a horrific crash, resulting in his special aerodynamic bike splitting in two, his helmet getting ripped off, and several of his ribs breaking.
EpicTV has video of Monday’s world-record run. First, though, it shows previous record runs, including the crash of 2002, and the 125 mph run he made last year:

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